Greener Israel

Branding, Graphic Design, Marketing Materials, Brand Identity


The Brief

When Greener Israel’s approached me, they aspired to bring Bigbelly’s smart bin to Israel to promote smart cities and greener environment. They had a clear vision of how they wanted to be portrayed, but were a week away from a national trade show and did not have any marketing material. Having seen my portfolio, they decided to put their trust in me to deliver the project on time and on budget.

To deliver the result within such tight conditions, I had to work closely and intensively with their team to rapidly refine their vision. I only had a few days to not only come up with a common visual theme for their entire range of marketing materials but to also deliver the physical material in time for their congress.

The Approach & Process

The first step was to understand the needs and define the concept for the overall visual theme and individual marketing deliverables, starting with their existing visual deliverables:

Asset 2_3x.png
Asset 4_3x.png
Asset 3_3x.png

The color palate and materials of the booth and printed items were chosen to create a recurring association with recycling and environmental care. Using my background with industrial design, I took into account the time and budgetary constraints in choosing the material, in accordance with the the visual language we decided upon.

Asset 1_3x.png

They've asked me to photoshop one of their smart bins into a main street in Tel Aviv; when presented later to a client in the meeting, said client was sure they actually positioned the bin on the street.

Big Belly Rothschild.jpg

I followed through to the creation of 3D mock-ups for the booth, as well as tri-fold leaflets, roll-up, and business cards, including translation of marketing content and provided detailed instructions for the required materials. Finally, I participated in the physical setup of the booth on the day of the trade show.

Business_Card mockup.jpg

The Outcome

Despite the limited time and budget, I was able to deliver on the integral range of materials, under a common theme: concept visualization, flyers, roll-ups, business cards, and trade booth design.

The booth stood out and the team was happy with the attention they were able to bring from the desired audience.